Monday, January 28, 2008

Exercise 1

Ok so here is exercise one. Part on was to create a vector image in flash using two or more photos from online. I chose to make my image about the technological advances that are shaping our society. When I was little my family had two rotary phones (we still do) and that's what I thought a phone was. I still remember when we finally got a phone with buttons. I would always be surprised when friends would be over and they would have to ask how to use the phone. I thought everyone had rotary phones. Anyway I was thinking about those experiences when I made this. I traced over the photos in flash to get a more comic/cartoon feel. It's called Obsolete and illustrates the idea that people are constantly being swept forward by technology, and often unfamiliar with the past models. HIstory is really important to me and I think that it is a shame that anything gets forgotten.

Part 2 was to make a sprite sheet and several animations. I imagine my character fighting monsters or something. I think she's pretty funny because she looks cute and harmless but then changes when she kicks or punches.

And finally the reading. Again it was pretty straight forward, but certainly something to remember and keep in mind when designing a game.

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